Spanish Recipes

Spanish cuisine is rich and varied. Spaniards are also well aware of the variety and like to explain that we eat well and healthily. The smells and flavors are also part of a common language and memory of a group of people.

To understand what an omelette is not enough the dictionary definition, you also have to explain the melancholy that pervades a Spanish that while abroad, remember its taste and fellow bar with whom he shared the plate. The common memory also gives meaning to concepts.

Here are some thoughts to help better understand this cuisine and classic recipes is.

In a globalized world feeding different parts of the world is getting closer. The Spaniards have also fallen into junk food, is an easy to acquire, easy to maintain, inexpensive and quick to prepare; suddenly in a hurry and we all have the need to find products that make us prepared life bearable.

At the same time we are proud that the Mediterranean diet is declared intangible heritage of humanity, it turns out that we have lessons to give to the world. Here we collect some of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil, plenty of vegetables, cereals (in bread) and vegetables, fish, wine, and moderate amounts of meat (especially pork). We also skipped the diet with savories and sweets, because the food is something shared, an excuse to meet and celebrations center.